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Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I buy on credit / installment plans and what are the conditions?

If you buy a house that is under construction, the developer offers instalements over the construction period (4-5 tranches of 20-30%). Some builders offer loans from 3 to 6 and even up to 10 years. Interest rates range between 10-12% per annum.

2. Do I need to get a residence permit, and if so, how can I do?

Yes, you will need to apply for accommodation in Northern Cyprus. This is usually a formality, but it needs to be done. At the entrance to the island, EU citizens are automatically granted a tourist visa for 3 months, others - from 5 to 30 days (depending on the date of the return ticket), and if you decide to extend my stay, you must contact the Immigration Service for a temporary residence permit. This process can take time and will require walking through the resort, but it is necessary. We can also recommend a company that will guide you through the entire process and make everything much easier for a modest fee.

3. How big is a donum of land?

400ft² or 1,338m². Land measurements are generally calculated in donums, evleks and feet. One donums = four evleks, 1 evlek = 3,600ft² 
A third of an acre or 14,400ft²

4. Can a foreigner buy more than one Donum (1/3 acre) in Northern Cyprus?
One person is entitled to one Donum, but if you wish to buy more you can use your family members to put in their names. If you require more than a few Donums: local company (can be registered to a foreigner).

5.Once I have bought a plot, where do I go for help to design and build my home?
Our first class Construction Department with its team of qualified architects and engineers is at your service. You can choose from one of our great designs, or suggest your own – sky is the limit.

6. Can I make payments to N. Cyprus from abroad?
Yes, you can make direct payments from any international bank to our company account (please take into account bank charges). Mail Order ( Visa, Master Card, etc) payment facility is now available.

7. How do we know when our payments are due?
We will notify you via email along with photos or a phone call will be made to you when a stage of construction has been reached.

8. Is it a lengthy process for a foreigner to buy a property and what are the requirements?We will guide you through all the steps.
The process is simple. Please take a look in Buyer's Guide for more details.

9. How do I go about purchasing a property in the TRNC?
You have already read Buyer’s Guide. Now just contact us and we will take you through this simple process.

10. What documents are required when purchasing a property?
You will just need your passport when purchasing a property.

11. Who will do all the paperwork for our sale?we can recommend you the best lawyers. 

12. Will I need permission to live in Northern Cyprus, and if so how do I apply for this?Yes, you need to apply for residency in Northern Cyprus. This is generally a formality but is essential for peace of mind. When you arrive on the island EU citizens are automatically given a 3 month tourist visa and if you intend staying beyond that date you must apply to the immigration office for a temporary residency permit. The process can take up a lot of time and will involve some travelling between offices but worth it in the end. We can also recommed you a company that will take you through the whole process and make it all a lot easier for a small fee.  
We advise all our customers to appoint a solicitor to deal with the paperwork (contract, purchase permit application, etc). You don't need to open a bank account in Northern Cyprus , but it can be useful for standing orders etc...

13. Do we need a will?Once the property is registered in your name, we strongly advise you to make a new will as your property in Cyprus is not covered on your original will (made in UK or elsewhere). The process is simple and

14. What are the costs involved when purchasing a property in Northen Cyprus?

Solicitors Fees: Including drawing up of contract, POA, purchase permit application, contract stamping & registration and seeing sale through to completion = £1,250  
Stamp Duty: Currently at 6% (reduced to 3% on any one purchase) of the valuation levied by the Land Registry Office and 1% of the stamp duty charge, paid to the Local Council.
KDV (VAT): Currently at 5% of the valuation levied by the Land Registry Office. Payable on all sales except those where the title is being transferred from an individual and not a company.
Contract Duty: Currently at 0.5% of the Contract value, payable at the TAX office within 21 days of the Contract date.

15. How much is the V.A.T?
On most new build properties there is a 5% VAT (KDV) payable at the time of transfer of the title deed.

16. How much is council tax and how do we pay it?
Council Tax (this is called Vergi) is a very small amount of money normally added every 1-3 months to your water bill.

17. What is the cost of electricity? Around how much would we pay within a month for a property with a pool?
The Electricity is checked once a month on your meter and a bill is left for you in the meter box. Approximate montly cost (depending on usage of AC, etc) - around £50 for both water and electricity. You can do the payment for this at the electricity and water board or at your bank.

18. How does the postal system work in Northern Cyprus?
A post man will come once a week to your address with your post. You can also get your own PO Box in your local village.

19. How often does council collects the waste?

You can purchase your own bin at local shops. The rubbish is collected twice a week.

More questions? Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will be happy to answer any queries.

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