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Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

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Недвижимость Северного Кипра: взгляд изнутри

Дома, как известно, и стены помогают. А если эти стены находятся на объятом солнцем острове, в окружении золотых пляжей, синевы Средиземного моря, апельсиновых деревьев и экзотических цветов – то это приятно вдвойне. Глядя... Подробнее...


Mediterranean the way it once was...

One of the last secret pearls of the Mediterranean Sea - North Cyprus, also known as the island of the Goddess of Love Aphrodite, is becoming increasingly popular place for families and youth recreation. Many UK and European residents, followed now by the Russians have chosen this enchanting island for permanent residence. After all, how many places in the world can offer you a dip in the Med 5 minutes after you walk out of the office.

The magic maritime climate, breathtaking nature, fresh seafood and friendly Cypriots - all this leaves an indelible mark in the hearts of those who visited here at least once, and they will certainly return again and again.

Relatively young but dynamic property market of Northern Cyprus with its offshore jurisdiction offers endless opportunities for the investors. In short, we are in the right place at the right time. And we invite you to enjoy this heavenly corner of the earth with us.

Domnakipre.com - your favourite home in North Cyprus!

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  • Furniture and Home appliances

    Furniture and Home appliances

    Furnishing our home, we think about comfort first fo all, because home is a place where we spend much of our lives. And furniture plays perhaps the most important role in creating comfort. Furniture must meet at least three criteria:...


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A culinary tour of restaurants in Northern Cyprus

If you explore all the different restaurants of North Cyprus, the culinary journey drags on for a long time. Density of establishments where you can eat on the island and really high, and without prejudice kachestvu.Zahotelos Turkish or Cypriot cuisine - Welcome to the respective restaurants. For example, in «Guler S Fish» or «Cactus». If, for like most European cuisine, the North Cyprus there is plenty of restaurants with English, French, Italian and other culinary specializations.  Details...


Northern Cyprus

On the attractiveness of Northern Cyprus for holiday travel talk and talk a lot ... Details ...

Services in brief:

· Sale and construction of property in Northern Cyprus. Constantly growing portfolio of houses, apartments and land 
· Legal support for purchasing
· Opening of offshore and onshore companies, bank accounts, view residence, and much more 
· Free consultation with architects
· Furniture and Interior designers servıces
· Free delivery and installation of home appliances
· Property Management
· After Sales Services
· Property insurance
· Booking flights, transfers and hotels of all classes
· Car Rental



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Price:  £ 129,950
A project of 25 villas in the hills of Lapta to the West of Kyrenia. You wil find all amenities and facilities for permanent living, high buyilding...
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Price:  £ 129,950
This site with unique villas is located near the old fisherman's village of Bogaz, to the north of historical Famagusta. The residential complex ha...
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Price:  £ 94,950
Located just a 10 minute walk to the sea and finished to a high standard, these 3 bedroom 3 bathroom villas offer an unbeatable value for money. Ma...
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Price:  £ 49,950
Credit for 5 years + Special Offer! This prestigious complex consists of 411 two-and three-bedroom flats, located on 1400 acres of landscpaed garde...
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