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Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Education in North Cyprus

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The education system in North Cyprus consists of several stages of training:

1. Preschool. Kindergartens and pre-school tutoring for children aged 4 to 6 years.

2. Primary. Secondary school. Education free and compulsory. Taught mainly in the Turkish language, second language - English (in addition you can take German). Divided into two phases - for the children aged 7 to 12 years, and second - for children aged 13 to 15 years.

3. Secondary education. Three-year courses - private schools, colleges, high schools. Aimed at children aged 16 to 18 years. The majority of Cypriots are limited to obtaining this type of education.

4. Higher Education. North Cyprus is presented, and enables him to get into universities, which are trained according to European standards:

  • Eastern Mediterranean University. Eastern Mediterranean University was established in 1979 and is now the largest in the Mediterranean region. Trained more than 14,000 students. Teachers 1000. 84 disciplines. European urovnya.Obrazovanie the hostel, which is quoted throughout the world for a reasonable fee! Applicants do not speak English are transferred to semi-preparatory courses. English - Certificate of Cambridge University. The university has a graduate diploma status mezhdunarodnogo.Dlya single European model. The University is located in the town of Famagusta. For admission the candidate must have high school diploma and sufficient English language skills. Acceptance of applications is carried out 2 times a year.   www.emu.edu.tr

  • Near East University. Located in the capital, in Nicosia (Lefkosa). Middle East University attracts many applicants a variety of special and thoughtful program of student organization activities, including sporting events and competitions. The infrastructure of the University includes a large swimming pool and a modern congress hall. The university annually replenishes a large number of foreign students. www.neu.edu.tr

  • Cyprus International University. Opened recently, but there are already many students, including those from other countries. ISU has concluded an agreement on partnership and cooperation with several world-renowned universities and is willing to offer their students a variety of exchange programs and international projects. ISU campus is located between Famagusta and Nicosia www.ciu.edu.tr

  • Girne American University. Students from America, Europe and Russia, often get their education or continue their education, get a second diploma, the American University in Girne. It is situated in a picturesque setting with magnificent views of the mountains Kireneyskie. The university has branches in Europe, USA, Central Asia, the Far and Middle East, as well as numerous European, American and international affiliates. SAU administration developed and approved a five-year plan to transform the University, "University of Knowledge Age. Education here is on contemporary American program that attracts foreign students. www.gau.edu.tr

  • Lefke European University. Was founded in 1990. The University has a distinctive, innovative form of learning. The University is known primarily for its agricultural specialties. www.lefke.edu.tr


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