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Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Дом на Кипре Дом на Кипре

Hotels in Northern Cyprus

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Malpas. Hotel & Casino, Kyrenia (Girne)

Malpas Hotel is an excellent choice for families and couples only. Malpas Hotel is ready to provide guests with the best level of service and a wide choice of entertainment during your vacation. Malpas Hotel is located near the picturesque village of Chatalkey, near the town of Kyrenia.

Hotel Acapulco, Kyrenia (Girne)

Five Star Acapulco, located 15 minutes from the town of Kyrenia on the Mediterranean coast, ready to offer its guests a holiday at the highest level and to offer quality service at international standards. The hotel has one of the best sandy beaches in Northern Cyprus one kilometer.

Hotel Merit Crystal, Kyrenia (Girne)

Hotel Merit Crystal with beautiful accommodation and excellent service surpasses any expectations. Located on the beach it allows tourists to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. In the center of Kyrenia, where the harbor city, and are restaurants and shops, runs constantly and the hotel's free shuttle bus.

Mercury Hotel, Kyrenia (Girne)

Hotel Mercury - this is one of the new and modern hotels in North Cyprus is exceptionally beautiful location on the Mediterranean coast. The hotel was built in 2007 in a contemporary style. Hotel Mercury is known to tourists, not only picturesque scenery of Mediterranean sea, but also being close to the old harbor town of Kyrenia

Savoy Hotel, Kyrenia (Girne)

Savoy Hotel is located in the heart of Kyrenia, a stone's throw from the ancient harbor. This new hotel (2009) offers visitors a high level of service and service. The hotel combines the modern concept of comfort and interior in the style of the traditions of the Ottoman Empire.

Jasmine Court Hotel, Kyrenia (Girne)

Superior Court Hotel Yasmin is situated on the beach in just 10 minutes drive from Kyrenia and has stunning views over the Mediterranean Sea. Numbers of different categories have a standard five star hotel. Some rooms have kitchens where you can cook to your liking. The hotel has a swimming pool with a specially designated areas for children.

Hotel Colony, Kyrenia (Girne)

Colony Hotel is located in the heart of Kyrenia. This luxurious hotel is perfect for those looking for elegant atmosphere, but also wants to be in a convenient location close to all attractions, restaurants and shops. Colony Hotel offers a full range of services to its guests.

Hotel Vouni Palace Hotel, Kyrenia (Girne)

Vouni Hotel Palace is situated on the Mediterranean coast and offers visitors a lot of fun and organized activities for the whole family. This hotel will never be bored either children or adults. Prior to Kyrenia just 1 kilometer, where there are many restaurants and an old harbor. The rooms the hotel can enjoy wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Hotel Premium Kratos, Kyrenia (Girne)

Premium five-star hotel is Kratos a new hotel of Northern Cyprus, which opened in August 2010. The hotel is located directly on the Mediterranean coast and 5 minutes drive from the city center of Kyrenia. The hotel has a total area of ​​105,000 square meters. Kratos Premium - this is the place for an unforgettable stay at the sea ...

Hotel Salamis Bay, Famagusta (Gazi Magosa)

Hotel Salamis Bay - an ideal place for family holidays. The hotel is located near the town of Famagusta, one of the best sandy beaches not only of Northern Cyprus, but the whole island. Salamis Bay Conti Hotel is one of the largest hotels in Northern Cyprus. Sandy beach hotel with a warm and crystal clear water creates ideal conditions for you and your  ...

Merit Lefkosa Hotel and Casino, Lefkosa (Nicosia)

Merit Lefkosa Hotel and Casino - a new 5-star city hotel was opened in 2008. The hotel is located in the capital of the island - Nicosia. The upper floors of the hotel you can watch all of Nicosia, the capital of the world's only simultaneous two states - North and South Cyprus. The hotel offers a high level of service with the famous warm Turkish-ki ...

Golden Tulip Hotel, Lefkosa (Nicosia)

Golden Tulip Hotel and Casino is located 15 minutes from the airport Ercan, one of the most prestigious streets in the city of Nicosia. The hotel is within walking distance from the institutions of business, finance, art, culture, entertainment, government agencies and ministries of Nicosia. This is a VIP

Kaya Artemis, Karpas / Bafra

New North Cyprus Hotel and Casino Kaya Artemis is located in Bafra, on the way to the Karpas Peninsula. In the face of Kaya Artemis Resort & Casino is reviving one of the Seven Wonders of the World - the Temple of Artemis. Hotel Kaya Artemis Resort & Casino is the largest hotel in the North to the INRA in the number of rooms offered to tourists on the island.

Hotel Oscar, Kyrenia (Girne)

Hotel Oscar - a huge complex, located on the Mediterranean coast. This complex is set for a memorable family vacation at the crystal-clear coast. In addition to the Oscar Hotel is located only five minutes from the city center of Kyrenia. On the vast territory of the hotel has 3 swimming pools with fresh water.

House Hotel, Kyrenia (Girne)

The hotel building is located on the seafront in the heart of Kyrenia in a five-minute walk from antiquity Noah harbor, where many restaurants, bars and shops in the city. Swimming pool with sea water, staying in the hotel, located near the Mediterranean Sea. Another pool of water reminds Snoy limit by design, ancient temple, with columns around it.


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